Organizing your projects…straight through to the invoice

After working with many journalists and authors, I have come to realize that very few, if any, work on one project at a time. Whether it is their work project or their family/life’s project, or a combination of both.

We try to assist them, not only by saving them time transcribing their audio / video for them, but also by organizing the transcription / audio / video portion of their projects and the billing information they need to be properly paid themselves for the work, as well as keeping the different parts of their projects together and easy to work with.

How do we do that?

CLK starts by acknowledging receipt of every single file. They know we have received it. We ask them for a drop-dead deadline. Although we work to return all files within 72 hours, and of course even sooner whenever possible, regardless of the length of audio, everyone has different deadlines. So if they need it quicker, they just let us know.We never want to push them further to their project deadline and cause more stress in the process.

We gather the names of the participants / speakers, and we are sure to label each speaker accordingly. We can time code the transcript or number lines if they wish, and we use a clear simple format for them to be able to review the transcripts for content they may need in their end product.

We clearly mark any portion where there may have been an inaudible word or phrase, so they can take a listen and see if they can hear it. They were the ones in the room during the recording.

But we don’t stop there.

Naming their files:

We name the finished report exactly the same as the audio, so our clients can match up the corresponding audio with the finished report.

Helping manage and track a budget:

We add the total length of the audio into the name of the report, so our clients can confirm that the complete audio was transcribed – there wasn’t a download / upload issue causing only a partial transcript or they didn’t send us the incorrect file to begin with.

We also add the total cost of each audio into the file name, so that our clients can better manage their budgets as they go along, rather than worry about it in the end, when their concerns should just be putting it all together into the fabulous end result we all enjoy in that book, magazine, online, or production piece.

In addition, our clients can further maintain their budgets by giving us precise times on the audio they want transcribed, down to just a few seconds, to blocks of minutes throughout the audio. This way they don’t end up paying for material they do not need for their project. We all know some interviewees can get chatty.

Helping their billing, through our billing:

Many of our clients use our invoices to invoice their clients and will request separate invoices for one or all of the audio files using project codes or other client information. This allows them to keep their project invoices organized, and they don’t have to sort through which transcript coincides with which project and which invoice is for which project.

Many times, we have clients request the invoice be sent directly to the project manager they are dealing with. We are happy to do that. Of course our client’s are ultimately responsible for the invoices, but being able to forward our invoice to their client for them allows them the freedom to ‘keep it moving’ and not worry about that part of the task.

Working with them to save them time and money:

We know how hard it is for our clients to monitor every little aspect of their project, and we try to make it just that much more simpler and cost-effective. It may not sound like much, but we find that in the end, our clients appreciate the added little extras we do to keep their projects organized and labeled appropriately.

We are always observing our clients work online, and watching for additional ways to help them organize and make the process of transcribing and organizing the audio / video portion of their projects that much simpler to work with.


How can we assist you with your transcription needs? We are an email away from beginning your project!


Visit us at and find out today!




Want to save up to $50 on Transcription Services in addition to paying lower per minute rates? Who doesn’t? #in

CLK Transcription is proud to be able to maintain rates that are lower than the national average, yet provide the quality and speed with every project file we transcribe. We know how important all of those things are to our clients.

It is a commitment CLK made many years ago.

CLK Transcription works hard to help their clients with budgetary and time restrictions in their work, and with an average of 115 new referrals every year for three (3) years in a row, and over 800 project files every month, we appreciate every ‘word of mouth’ referral we receive.

We love what we do and we always have room for more!

We offer discounts throughout the year to assist our clients in the ‘saving money’ part of their project needs, and offer timely return of quality reports to assist with meeting or beating their deadlines, allowing them the time to handle other aspects of the project, or their life.

The Referral Reward opportunity is just one of those offers.

Refer a friend so they, too, can save time and money and increase their productivity, or just have time for friends and family, and you can receive up to $50 off our invoice generated in February 2014.

Connect with CLK Transcription on Twitter (CLK_Shortcake), LinkedIn (CarolLee Streeter Kidd), or Facebook ( and make two (2) new referrals to CLK Transcription during January 2014, and you could receive $25 off your invoice for each referral you make.

YEAH! If you are reading this, we must be connected, so you are halfway there.

New referrals’ projects must be a minimum of 90 minutes of audio transcription during January 2014 and invoices must be paid promptly.The Referral Reward will be reflected on your invoice generated in February 2014.

Referrals you make with smaller projects could be eligible for up to $5 Referral Reward (per referral) if new referral invoices are paid promptly.

Be sure your referrals mention you when they contact us.

The Referral Reward Offer is valid through January 2014. Those with outstanding balances over 30 days as of February 1, 2014, are not eligible. Referral Reward must be used during February 2014 and cannot be carried over or ‘gifted’.

Referrals using any of our non-transcription services will be evaluated for Reward on a case-by-case basis. Contact for more details.

Always read the email. You could be missing something important.

I get upwards of 50 emails a day from independent contractors looking to “break into” the transcription world, or from seasoned transcriptionists looking for extra work.

I welcome them all. I am always looking for new talent to assist with the projects I have to handle. I also enjoy watching newbies to CLK learn and grow into their skill through hands-on experience and reviewing information provided with any necessary edits on their work. Over the years, I can almost always tell if they are someone who will love the work as much as I do.

I can tell because they are the ones who have read the email…I can’t be the only business that has these issues, but I can only speak for myself, so here it goes…

For every 10 that make contact with me asking for information…yes, they make contact with me…five actually read the email replies I send to them, but only one will follow directions.

Yes, in all fairness, I admit my emails are long and very detailed, but only because it saves us both time. I want them to know what they are getting themselves into being a vendor for CLK before I take time out of my schedule to set them up and begin working with them.

IF they read it and reply that they understand what I am looking for as their client, that they understand they are an IC and what that means, and that they understand the tools necessary to provide me quality service, I then spend time setting them up, preparing for the time I will spend working with them on the first assignment, and then setting up the proofing team to work with them.

How do I know they do not read the replies? Simple.

I send two emails. One with all the information about my company and what I expect from my ICs. I ask them simply to “reply to me that you understand and have done your due diligence into what it means to be an independent contractor with CLK, and that you can begin setup within three days from the date you reply to this email.”

I also ask for professional courtesy of a declination reply if they have decided, after their due diligence, that this is not for them – but that is a whole other blog post…

Again, 10 will reply that they are “ready to go” sometimes the same day, sometimes a week later. When I receive the reply to that first email, I send a second email with the setup information needed to begin accepting assignments and again ask them to make sure they can, at the very least, complete setup and get me the documentation I need within three days…

Now here is how I know who reads my emails.

Out of every ten ICs sent that second email, five may actually be ready for setup within three days. another 5 never come on for setup but will come back to me weeks later and wonder why I don’t have a spot for them.

Out of the five who complete setup within the three days, two will never come on for an assignment and I will have wasted at least a day on my side of the setup process. Three will come on for an assignment; one of which will never communicate with me and never return the assignment, one will complete the first assignment and then need to take a week or two away for personal reasons, and one ends up a star.

Now anyone who does transcription understands it is a time sensitive and detail oriented job. If you can’t follow the directions for the setup you asked for, how am I to have faith you will follow any other instructions for my assignments?

And if you can’t offer me the timeliness of setup so you can actually accept assignments, how am I to trust you will meet my much faster turn around times for the assignments you requested?

And as an independent contractor, if you can’t offer your client quality and availability, why would I assign any projects to you?

I write this now because it is a new year. I am hoping that I won’t be called names (yes, very unprofessional names from those wishing to be called professionals) because I could not wait for someone to want an assignment. I needed to move on to someone who will take an assignment. CLK is growing and I want the ICs working with me to grow as well.

CLK has a base of 143 ICs available at different times, different days throughout the year. Through great communication, we work together so that everyone is happy. Of course I always look for great talent. ICs do not need to have a  regular schedule, and sometimes it seems like I never have enough ICs available, even when all are on. But it takes communication and great scheduling on everyone’s part.

And yes, I am a client. The CLK team consists of independent contractors and employees who have a marvelous work ethic for their own “business” and they take pride in the work they do for CLK. Together, we do remarkable things for CLK clients.

And those who make it as an IC at CLK,  who showed their client, me, that they truly wanted to be part of the team, did so simply by having read the emails with the information they asked to receive.

If you are interested in accepting assignments as an IC for CLK Transcription, tell me a little about yourself in an email to I will get that first email out to you when time permits. (I do not do resumes. I am not hiring you as an employee. You are truly an IC with CLK.)

If you are in need of outstanding transcription services, we are always accepting new clients and projects. Our standard TAT is within 24 to 36 hours in most cases.  We offer discounts to UPOD, ASJA, AHJC, NASW, FLX, APH, SEJ, SPJ journalists. For more information, email

You would not take a job to build a shed and not find out where the shed should go, would you?

In most cases, when hiring someone to handle a task, I go over the task, what I am looking to have as an end result, and I will let them do what they do to get to get the job done. I mean they are the professionals, right?

But there is always specific items the “employer” needs when hiring a contractor. I like to call these needs ‘requests’. Not too difficult a word, right?

You wouldn’t hire a contractor to build a shed and not tell them where you wanted the shed, would you? Or a painter to paint your house and not give them the colors you want for each room.

This is particularly true when hiring a contractor to perform work for a service-provider business.

I mean really, how often do you start a job, any job, and have all the answers no matter how much experience you have with other companies? If every company did everything in the same manner, there would be no competition or variety of services offered.

Most cases, when considering a contractor for my business assignments, I explain why I need things done a certain way and give my requests in detail, but hey, if I am asking for it and paying for it, then I really have no need to justify why I want what I pay for done the way I want it done, do I?  After all, I could be giving these step-by-step instructions because I already know what works, and what is the best way to get to the end result that I am paying to get, and because that just happens to be what works for my business.

Am I wrong to expect a job done the way I want it done? I don’t think so. After all, I am a client using the services of contractors.

Again, in those cases where I may have a method to my madness, I give very detailed requests, step-by-step instructions if you will, on how I want something done and many times I do this to save time for me and for the contractor. I mean no one really wants to have to redo anything because a contractor didn’t pay attention to the requests of the client, do they? I know I put my clients needs and request on the front burner, so I expect the same when I am a client to others.

It may not make sense to them, but it is what the client is paying for, right?

What I find interesting is that sometimes those requests are not heeded in any sense of the word and the client will hear from the contractor, “I thought I could do this,” or “I thought doing it this way was better,” or “I thought you might like this.”

Really? So now you feel you know better than the paying client on what they want and why they want it? It isn’t as if you didn’t have time to discuss your thoughts when you accepted the assignment. It is simply what the client wants.

As I look around the internet and read forums and threads of other contractors complaining about the steps they have to take to complete a job they are paid to do, it amazes me. Complaints about steps they have to take for a task, not being able to find or use shortcuts, or just complaints about the client themselves.

If you are that unhappy, why do you do what it is you are doing? Either you love what you do, love the money you make, or simply love the idea you have a job to do at all, or then again, you have three choices:

  1. Do the job, grudgingly (or with a smile),
  2. Do the job, and ask for more money, or
  3. Quit, and find another job.

Even more interesting is that these same people who moan and groan about the job they are paid to perform, feel that the people who pay for their services should have the trust in them and their work. How? If you do not take pride in the work that you do, how are we ever going to have faith in the work?

If I am to have trust in work being performed, I ought to be able to trust my requests are being considered.

It is kind of like looking for a truck and the car salesman keeps showing you sedans. Do you trust them to make you happy?

Meet a CLK Transcriptionist, Sarah A. Airforce wife and mom, with a sense of humor!

I like long walks on the beach, love to surf, I am a cancer…

just kidding…lol

I am 27 years old. I am a native Southern California girl who grew up in the small town of San Juan Capistrano. I currently live in New Mexico with my husband Daniel and out two daughters Jade (8) and Faith (1 1/2). We are stationed at an Air Force Base out here near the mountains of Alamogordo. Jade goes to school in California but I make frequent visits throughout the school year to see her and then she is back out here with us for the summer.

I LOVE transcription work, especially that pertaining to the medical field. I am certified as a Medical Transcription but do enjoy all aspects of the transcription job. I am currently in school to become a Medical Biller and Coder.

We have one pet. His name is Bo. He is a rescue Border Collie we found left for dead on the side of the road out here. He is paralyzed from the waist down and had to lose one of his hind legs. He is an amazing dog and full of inspiration for our family that no matter how bad it gets we can always pull through. He is in a wheelchair most of the time but is able to walk (quite miraculously) just using his front two legs and his back leg as balance (like a kangaroo).

I love to surf, skateboard, play with the kiddos, work, and do anything outdoors with the family. I also love to paint and do scrap-booking.


For those interested in becoming an independent contractor for CLK, please send why you chose this profession to (I do not do resumes)

Why do we love what we do? Here are just a few of the reasons:

“I am a professional opera singer and private voice teacher. Being a performer has its ups and downs, and does not always bring in a steady flow of income. With CLK Transcription, I’m able to work from home and work around my rehearsal/performing schedule. It’s a great second job for a freelance artist like me.” – N. Easter,


“I love working as an IC for CLK Transcription. CarolLee and Leticia are great to work with and our clients write on so many interesting topics. I’ve learned a lot professionally as well as so much on a variety of different things from cancer research to technology to celebrity blogs. Lastly, being an IC gives me the flexibility I need for my family in being able to work from home. CLK Rocks!” – Doris Regier


“I love being an IC because of the flexible hours I can work. Life can be so hectic. There’s never enough hours in a day. You get to work around your life, not fit your life in around your work. CLK Transcription is a great company to work for. It is a fun transcription job and a great learning experience while working those flexible hours. There are many topics and the work is never boring. I wouldn’t have it any other way!” – D. Henderson


“Transcription fits my lifestyle to a T! I was born with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism that makes socializing insanely hard. I had nearly accepted that I would just never be able to work, even after my medical transcription training. Then I met CarolLee Kidd and she took a chance on me. Now I have a job I love and I finally feel like an adult. I’m so grateful.” – Amber G.


“The job of a transcriptionist is an ideal one for me! In the first place, reading is one of my favorite activities, and at best the interviews and meetings that I transcribe are like interesting articles from the New Yorker or Vanity Fair magazine, and in the (often celebrity’s) own voice, as well. I could tell of some thrilling moments, but we are sworn to confidentiality. Also, I live out in the Colorado Rockies, a 100-mile round trip to town once a week to pick up mail and stock up. So being able to telecommute from home saves me on gas and time. It also lets me spend most of my time at home, which my dog loves, and I can pursue my art, crafts, and creative knitting with the time saved. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to work remotely and save money on food because you don’t have to buy takeout because you are just too tuckered out to cook (and besides, the pizza places don’t deliver out here, lol.)” – Tanya M.


“Being an IC for CLK Transcription has allowed me to work my own schedule and has given me the opportunity to learn something new from each audio transcribed. Thank you CLK.” – Linda Wert


“Eight years ago my husband and I found out we were going to have a baby. We thought it would be great if I could find a job that I could do from home while raising our child. I had heard a commercial on the radio for a seminar being held for medical transcription work. We decided to go and learn what it was all about. As we sat through the seminar, I realized it was something that could fit my needs quite well. I needed to take a training course to be able to do this. I planned on being finished with the course before I had the baby and hopefully starting to get clients. The baby had other ideas. I went into labor at 27 weeks into my pregnancy. Luckily my baby boy was born healthy, although underdeveloped. He was in the NICU for 79 long days, where I traveled a 45-minute drive one way just to see him every day. Needless to say, this put my coursework on hold. We were very lucky in that we got to bring home a healthy, happy boy at the end of that time. Then life just got in the way. I continued to work my regular job, with my mom helping out to babysit. Work at my regular job just continued to get slower. My hours kept getting cut. I continued looking for a job that I could do from home. In June of this year, I saw an ad for transcription work with CLK Transcription, Inc. I applied and CarolLee got back to me quickly. It was very easy to set it all up to begin my trial period with her. She was very helpful with any questions I had. Before I knew it, I was an Independent Contractor for her company. I absolutely love doing what I do. You can make as little or as much as you want. I can do it whenever I like…and even in my pajamas! I would like to thank CarolLee for giving me the opportunity to do what I’ve wanted to do for a very long time and Leticia for always being so helpful and upbeat every time I contact her.” – Monica P.


“I love what I do because what I do has garnered me wonderful colleagues and connections, and the ability to help others hone and grow their skills is so rewarding to me. Knowing that others enjoy the work as much as I do, and all with the same added goal of stopping the off shore of one of the most off-shored trades – makes it all worthwhile. We give our best because it is all we know how to do. We love our career choice and the clients we assist every day.” – CarolLee Kidd

The only way to provide quality is to understand your clients & their project’s needs. CLK does that!

CLK Transcription, Inc. is a mid-sized USA-based and operated transcription company offering small biz rates. We know what you want and we deliver.

We do not offshore any project (whole or part) and we do not use speech recognition software.

In addition to the medical transcription of physician office notes, H&Ps, Op notes, IMEs, etc., we transcribe for journalists, writers , authors and production companies covering a wide range of topics; from health, economics, family, ecology, and so much more. We are proud to acknowledge our work with hundreds of ASJA, UPOD, APH, FLX, NASW and other freelance journalists, publishers, and television/movie production companies, having been acknowledged in several best sellers, television show credits, and blogs.

We also have expertise in transcribing multi-speaker seminars, conferences, meetings, telecommunications, and much more. We handle multiple annual and semi-annual conferences for many corporations, and transcribe multiple webinars and tele-seminars for corporations and others so that they may share their work and information with others who may not be able to attend.

Also, consider some of our other services:

  • Voice mail transcription to text message,
  • audio/video conversion to MP3 (cassettes or other digital formats),
  • document scanning to editable database (business cards, receipts, etc. – document adaptable to Quickbooks and Quicken programs, among others),
  • hard copy conversion to word/excel doc,
  • and a call-in system, where you can use your phone to make three-way calls to a cloud and hold your interview from any location – whether you have no equipment with you or your equipment fails (this service is available whether we transcribe your audio or not). Or simply call in and leave your notes and we will transcribe them and return to you in any format you desire.
  • FTP Host so you can share your project or specific components with others safely and secure (this service available whether we transcribe your audio or not).

Check out our website and see if there is any service we offer that might help you save time and money. We truly love what we do!
We offer the quality you demand at a cost you can afford. All rates are negotiable to fit your budget. No extra cost for difficult audio. We consider that part of our job!
Contact us at or visit for details on how we can assist you with your transcription needs. We are LinkedIn at where our recommendations can be viewed.

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